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For eight years, far beyond the battlefields of Vietnam and the glare of media distortions, American Green Berets fought a deadly secret war in Laos and Cambodia under the aegis of the top secret Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, or SOG. Go deep into the jungle as J Stryker Meyer retells the stories of SOG warriors.

Remarkable stories about a remarkable group of men—the Green Berets of the Studies and Observations Group (SOG), the indigenous troops who fought beside them and the South Vietnamese helicopter pilots who inserted and extracted them from Laos and Cambodia. The bravery and fighting spirit of these men in the face of sometimes impossible odds is awe inspiring and at the same time poignant when you consider what befell South Vietnam in the end. A great and fast paced read that I can’t recommend enough.

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J Stryker Meyer and John Peter detail small Green Beret-lead teams' accounts as they ran missions into Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam without assistance from conventional artillery, tank or infantry units. Once on the ground, the teams' sole support was provided by Air Force Tactical Air and helicopter units... In Laos, the communists dedicated 50,000 troops to the Ho Chi Minh Trail, including highly trained sappers from the 305th Sapper Battalion, its sole mission: attack SOG teams.

The missions performed by these men were nothing less than miraculous... The writers put me as close to the action as you could get.
Incredible book. Insane combat stories...John Styker Meyer is...fearless. Those secret recon teams of 10 or less men fought thousands of enemy with air support. The book is worth reading and sharing with everyone you know.
Remarkable book, well written, and simply stunning with details. Raw courage, energy, and the best America has. Great read.


The inaugural edition of SOG Chronicles Volume One is the first in a series of books focusing on the many untold stories from that eight-year secret war where Green Berets went deep behind enemy lines without conventional support from artillery, tanks, or ground support troops where communist forces massed 50,000–100,000 troops to combat them while keeping the Ho Chi Minh Trail supply lines open. The centerpiece of SOG Chronicles Volume One is the 1970 story of Operation Tailwind, which features a SOG element of 16 Green Berets and 120 indigenous soldiers that went deeper into Laos than any operation during the secret war.

John Meyer’s story about Operation Tailwind does justice to the valor and heroism of the men involved in the four-day battle. Meyer writes about this historic SOG mission with clarity and attention to detail that is long overdue in regards to this top secret mission. SOG Chronicles Volume One is mandatory reading for anyone remotely interested in SOG history or simply in how the Green Berets operate deep behind enemy lines

Billy Waugh, SOG/CIA operative

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